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Hey, welcome to my basketball rankings site, where I do some math and try to tell you which teams are best. Here’s a key to tell you what the different things in the college basketball spreadsheet mean.

Rank: Power ranking of a given team. Based on Performance-Adjusted EM Rating

Team: Division I Men’s College Basketball schools with enough qualifying games

Eigenvector Rating: Raw algorithmic rating. Based on offensive and defensive efficiency, adjusted for strength of schedule. Read more about it here.

EM Rating: Eigenvector Ratings converted to an expected margin of victory of Team against a median opponent at a neutral location in a game of 100 possessions. Another way to read this is “[Team] is [EM Rating] points better than a median team over 100 possessions.”

Performance-Adjusted EM Rating: A small adjustment to EM Rating that corrects for how well a team has performed thus far in the season

Percentile: A percentile rating based on the spread and mean of Performance-Adjusted EM Rating. To be taken with a grain of salt as the ratings aren’t quite normally distributed. Bounds are 0 (bad) – 100 (good).

OffE: Points per possession

DefE: Points allowed per possession

SOS: Average Performance-Adjusted EM Rating of opponent

Tempo: Average number possessions per game

If you have any questions or criticisms or want to know which teams you should pick in your parlay, you can always email me at

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