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New Year, New Me

Looks like I’m finally getting around to publishing college basketball rankings again, and it feels good, like there was a small part of me lost amid offensive efficiencies and three point percentages and margins of victory. Not too much has changed since last season. I will likely be publishing NBA rankings and college basketball rankings concurrently this year, which is all fine, though I have a personal preference for the college game myself.

This year some teams will be excluded from my college basketball rankings for lack of games (I’m looking at you, Ivy League). I’ve also started to use Twitter for basketball stuff. I’m trying to create some more engaging content and visual stuff and I’ll post it there.

1 thought on “New Year, New Me”

  1. i started using yr rankings also i proposed to hav also in alphabetical order it is very convenient (sonny moore has also 2 listings one strenght one alphabetical..)i do also aggree ncaa has far more suspence than nba nba i think is a bit bored or slow motion yes it has player highlights but im gettin bored seeing it comparing to ncaa…hail hail march madness!!!

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