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Tournament Seeding

This is my attempt to show how I believe the NCAA Selection Committee should seed teams, using a derivation of my model. These rankings are only win-based. All wins are weighted the same (but do take strength of opponent into account), regardless of location and margin of victory. Projected auto-bids are also included.

SEED is the projected seed of the given team

Tourney Rk is the projection of how the teams were ranked to determine seeding within the bracket group: 1-68

Resume Rk is how the team’s resume compared to the rest of Division-I

CDF is the rating off of which Resume Rank is based

Adj. EM is the rating of a team according to my predictive model, measures expected margin of victory against an average team

Power Rk is the rank of the team according to my predictive model, or Adj. EM

Power Seed is how the team would be seeded according to the predictive model, or Adj. EM

Delta Seed is the difference between SEED and Power Seed, i.e. how much better a team is than their seed

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